This unprecedented collaboration between the four Orendain brothers was created to honor their father Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez. Using traditional techniques and hand-selected agave, this project recreates the quality and style that the Don Eduardo would have produced himself decades ago. Each brother contributed barrels that were at least 10 years old to this tiny batch of exceptional ultra-aged tequila. The resulting tequila is dense and dark with plenty of deep complex oak, but retains its agave nature nonetheless. Expect a powerful bouquet of roasted herbs, dark chocolate, toasted vanilla bean, worked leather, baking spices and cooked tropical fruit. On the palate the richness of texture is striking but the oak is not bitter. The slightly higher proof prevents it from feeling cloying or overtly sweet. This is easily one of the best over-aged tequilas we’ve ever stocked and an appropriate testament to one of Tequila’s true legends.